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Picture of Gerry GrowneyProgramme Management

Programme or project management is a science in that it relies on proven and repeatable processes and techniques to achieve project success. It is an art because it has a lot to do with managing and relating to people and requires intuitive skills to apply in situations that are totally unique for each project. A good project management methodology provides the framework, processes, guidelines and techniques to manage the people and the workload. A good methodology increases the odds of being successful and therefore provides value to the organization.

Key Benefits

  • Clear definition of the tasks to be done
  • Identify and manage the risks
  • Communicating and managing expectations with clients, team members and stakeholders

Good project management discipline is the way to overcome project shortcomings. Having good project management skills does not mean you have no problems, it does not mean that risks go away, it does not mean that there are no surprises. The value of good project management is that you have standard processes in place to deal with all contingencies. We can provide a methodology that fits your busines based on recognized management frameworks, building an approach that suits your business. G2biz is experienced in People and Team management, supplier management, risk management and project communications.

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