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Testimonials for Gerry Growney

Jim Drew

Associate - Adparo / Savantor

Gerry is a tenacious project manager who has an unrivalled ability to bring a
sense of order and structure to complex business problems. His ability to
understand complex subject matter and verbalise this into "business speak"
uniquely positions Gerry to act as a conduit between technical and business
resources. A very competent and experienced person who gives his all in order
to complete the task


Jayne Murphy

Operations Director at Intercede

Gerry joined the company as an interim manager. He was always extremely
professional in everything that he did and was a pleasure to work with. He
inspired confidence in those who came into contact with him. Gerry was
particularly strong at taking new procedures and translating them into
effective day to day high quality working practices. He would be an asset to
any management team.


Julia Damassa

Proprietor Costumed Character Company

I have required the services of Gerry's firm since October 2006. In the seven
months that Gerry Growney has acted as "business paramedic" for my business,
Costumed Character Company, there have been significant benefits and notable

1. Profitability has increased, with turnover well in excess of what has
previously been achieved, and measurable business growth.

2. Efficiency in time management and admin. organisation show sustained

3. Greater confidence in the ability to take calculated and planned risks is
now clearly a strength that I and therefore my team have, which some of my
competitors lack.

Gerry Growney, as well as being a creative business force, is also a highly
personable and courteous communicator. He gives generously of his time, is
always approachable and extremely professional in all undertakings.

G2biz represents excellent value for money.


Phil Wyche

Pre-Sales Consultant, APD Communications Ltd. (colleague)

I reported to Gerry directly with the APD Comms Pre-Sales team. Gerry was an
excellent manager, a good listener, very professional, friendly and
approachable. I would recommend Gerry to anyone who requires a reliable &
motivated professional manager.


David Smith

Sales Director, APD Communications (colleague)

Gerry displayed excellent customer facing skills and had an aptitude for
process analysis and improvement. He was always very personable and a strong
team player.


Duncan Gerrard

Director of International Sales, APD Communications LTD (colleague)

Gerry was ideally suited to the customer facing role, with an obvious desire to
work with the customer to deliver the best possible solution. His integrity and
honesty shines through to those who deal with him.


Helen Lonsdale

Consultant, Commerce One (colleague)

Gerry Growney was a great mentor to me at Commerce One. He gave me the
opportunity to take on challenging roles and projects but he also provided me
with the necessary support and trusted in my ability to get the job done. He
was a great manager who I learnt a great deal from.


Christian Lainé

EMEA Marketplaces Director, Commerce One (colleague)

I appreciated the calm of Gerry during the storm. In charge of customers care,
he demonstrated it is possible to deliver a lot with less than expected to keep
customers happy. A solid guy you can count on!


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